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About Flow 187

Robert Roots, is an independent rap artist (“F.L.O.W.187”), music producer, author (Falling Isn’t Failing), professional speaker and entrepreneur. At 22 years old, Robert has already made serious inroads in both the worlds of business and Hip-Hop via social media outlets such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud. In addition to his internet success, Robert has also appeared at dozens of venues perfecting his performance while building his reputation as a rap artist and as a professional speaker where he talks to youth and young adults about the importance of setting goals and about how to overcome obstacles. Applying his entrepreneurial skills to promote his talents and to build his buzz, Robert Roots created his own YouTube channel – YouTube.com/RobRootsMedia which has amassed more than 2 ½ million views and continues to grow daily. Leveraging his following, on February 23, 2013, Robert released his latest independently produced rap video “Living Motivated” which has garnered almost 100 thousand views on YouTube and on his website www.Flow187.com.

Robert’s message in his music, book and seminars, represents his determination to succeed and to be an example of what is possible when you apply hard work, smart work and dedication. In fact, FLOW187 is an acronym for “Forget Losing Only Winning” and 187 (California Penal Code for murder) represents his intention to murder the tracks he produces and raps on as well as his will to succeed at his multiple business ventures. Robert Roots’ brand is about winning and living the good life. For Robert, winning is reaching the top of his possibilities absent competing with anyone else in the industry as he believes each person has his/her own style and audience. Though he is multi-cultural with his roots being Black, Cuban and Guyanese and having been born in New York City and lived in Miami and Atlanta, Robert says winning does not happen because of where you are born, your race or your gender- it is about your unique style and about your FLOW. “Like most artists, my musical influences comprise of some of the early rappers and Hip Hop legends. Yet, I prefer to be original while maintaining the core elements of what makes Hip Hop - Hip Hop. Great beats and creative lyrics that talk about life merged with a consistent and undeniable F.L.O.W. that brings these two elements together.” Robert Roots aka FLOW187


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My music had roots which I'd dug up from my own childhood, musical roots buried in the darkest soil. Ray Charles

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